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30 september was de absolute deadline voor de registratie van de “uiteindelijke begunstigden” van uw vennootschap. Maar een week voor die datum kregen we toch weer wat “uitstel”. Maar vanaf 1 januari 2020 moet uw vennootschap de nodige info doorgegeven hebben want anders komen er toch echt sancties van.

The tax authorities (VAT or income tax) have access to the premises used for your professional activity. But when they also want to ‘visit’ your home or private premises, they should first pass with the magistrate to obtain an authorization. Such visit can only be made between 5 AM and 9 PM.

As from 10 March 2018 your banker has to withhold a securities tax when the equity on your securities account amounts to 500.000 euro or more. The Constitutional Court annulled this tax early October 2019, but the Court allows the government to still collect the tax for 2019.